About Us

Hoffman Technologies, Inc. dba ItemGrabber was founded in 1997 by Gary Hoffman, a Service Disabled Veteran, and Kevin Hoffman. Our initial focus was on technology hardware, software, and services resale. More specifically we were a partner of major manufacturers like IBM providing servers, storage devices, software, development and integration services, as well as project management. With over 15 years in business we have certainly evolved and we now offer technology products, technology services, office supplies, janitorial supplies, tactical supplies, industrial supplies, and various other consumer and consumable products. We have worked with distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers along the way and learned a great deal about how to effectively offer products from these channels to our customers.



Our nation’s businesses and government agencies share a common theme of finding cost savings across all business units. At Hoffman Technologies we realize each client has a unique infrastructure and business model. Our goal is to bring a partner approach and best of breed solutions to streamline processes and maximize return on investment. We use innovative technology, thorough project management, and subject matter experts to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives. Hoffman Technologies core values of accountability, innovation, integrity, and customer service enables us to deliver on the common theme of increased efficiency and cost savings to our clients. By leveraging our core suite of services and commitment to our clients overall success we bring value and superior results to each opportunity in which we engage.


Item Grabber

Our background in technology solution development and a deep understanding of the supply chain has led us to where we are today. ItemGrabber is a complete web store powered by our in-house developed eCommerce platform VendorFuel. ItemGrabber brings our customers products from a wide variety of suppliers, efficiency enhancing procurement tools and software integrations for use by businesses of all sizes, all while maintaining high integrity customer service.



VendorFuel is a product built completely from our business experiences and needs with ItemGrabber. In order to stay competitive in the eCommerce marketplace we needed a solution that made us comparable to much larger firms but at a cost a small business could afford. At the time, nothing like this existed, so we started developing the solution ourselves, piece by piece.

VendorFuel provides end-to-end control of the business relationship with customers. From advanced eCommerce features to back office and distributor integrations, you will find our solution helps ignite your brand while enhancing your customer’s experience. VendorFuel gives you all the tools you need to not only be a successful online retailer, but more importantly, be a successful online business. A great website is just part of the story. How you manage the business that comes from your site will make or break your success. VendorFuel is an enterprise level solution, at a small business price, available to all.

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Customer Service

Customer service is at the foundation of our organization. At Hoffman Technologies we strive to exceed all customer service expectations, all the time, for all of our customer’s unique needs. We provide our customer service staff with near real time exception notification and problem resolution tracking so they can make timely, informed, and accurate resolutions to all issues.


Our People

Our capabilities are made possible by a staff of dedicated professionals committed to our corporate and customer success. Many of our employees have been with Hoffman Technologies since our foundation in 1997. Our growth and success are made possible by creating a culture of innovation and collaboration. Everyone at Hoffman Technologies works as a team to enhance our offerings and create an environment that ultimately results in unmatched customer service and solutions for our customer’s unique business requirements.